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Mondays 7-7:45pm @ 1437 E Broad St Athens, GA 30601

Wisdom of the Body is a unique choreography based on the developmental stages of the human being from babyhood to old age and on a gentle and thorough activation of the whole body through the spine. There are appropriate levels of difficulty and intensity depending on the practitioner. These are protocols adapted from integral psychology and authentic wisdom schools that weave through the sequence of physical movements in increasing levels of complexity for mental and emotional integration : from the innocence and powerlessness of infancy to the power of adulthood to the surrender and transcendence of old age.

Wisdom of the Body is an excellent warm-up or tune-up for the body, and has a lot of wonderful physical therapy built into it.


Mondays 8-9:30pm @ 1437 E Broad St Athens, GA 30601

Chen Pan Ling’s condensed Ba Gua system consists of only 8 circular changes, making it less complete but much easier to learn than the Gao style. It confers excellent health benefits and gives a true taste of what Ba Gua is while being adaptable to anyone who has a body and a little time. Practical self-defense applications can be derived from this form of Ba Gua.

KUNG FU STICK: aka Chen Pan Ling’s Thunderstick

Tuesdays 4:30-5:30pm @ Dudley Park under the  footbridge

Chen Pan Ling’s “Thunder stick” form.  This is a short form developed by CPL to help the older folks he knew protect themselves from “Bad dogs and pickpockets”. While based in Shao Lin methods, this form is condensed, easy to learn, and full of practical applications for street self defense. Old and young alike enjoy and derive benefit from the practice of these techniques.

QIGONG for Health and Relaxation

Thursdays 4-4:30pm @ 1437 E. Broad St, Athens GA 30601

Qigong [Chi Gong] is an ancient Chinese art of self-cultivation that fosters health, relaxation, and calm. Graceful, expansive motions serve to facilitate the flow of blood, lymphatic fluid, and qi [chi] through the body to boost vitality and flush out toxicity from body tissues. Visualizations and meditation focus the practitioner’s mind-intent inward and promote greater body awareness. Circular movements enhance joint mobility and stimulate the production of the body’s natural lubrication for joint health maintenance and rehabilitation. This peaceful practice relieves stress and offers a low-impact exercise that is wonderful restorative and preventative medicine for body, mind, and spirit.


Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm Xing Yi Kung Fu @ 1437 E. Broad St Athens GA 30601

Xing Yi  is a Chinese health promoting martial art that is based on the training of the ancient Chinese infantry. “Xing” refers to form and “Yi” to the mind or intent.  Xing Yi is commonly called “Form and Mind” boxing – this means the form and the intention match. This also points to the fact that good military strategy like good healing- is based on leading the mind of the enemy or patient. In this class we work on solo forms as well as partner drills to experience applications.

Prices for all classes above are as follows:

$10 per class or $60 per month for unlimited classes


taught by John Pence at the Omni Club

Mondays: 8:30 am, Omni East; 12 noon, Omni West
Wed: 12 noon Omni West

Taijiquan [Tai Chi Chuan] is a form of Chinese martial art. Created in China nearly 400 years ago for battlefield combat, it has evolved into an effective personal defense system and exercise system for health. This art is based on the 2,600-year-old Taoist philosophy of yin and yang duality/unity: the harmony of opposites creating the whole. Traditional taiji training builds lower body and core strength while developing integration of that strength, balance, grounding, and the taiji quality known as “central equilibrium.” While many taiji schools have changed over time to focus almost exclusively on health, this class preserves the original taiji martial art, the profound health benefits of which are derived from the necessities of and structural requirements for self-defense.

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Methods and Systems

Chen Style Practical Method Taijiquan

Hunyuan Qigong

Xing Yi

Chen Pan Ling Ba Gua

Chen Pan Ling Thunderstick

Kid’s Kungfu

Ninja Scout Adventure

Wisdom of the Body

Egyptian Yoga

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